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Can We Go Home Now?

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Holiday shopping can be chaotic, tiring, and frustrating. It becomes even more so when you have a small child with you, both for you and your child. These tips will help you cope with the job of holiday shopping with a little one.

Respect Limits
Children have only a short amount of time before they become bored, hungry, tired, or overstimulated. Limit your excursion to one or two hours. Be sure to bring some snacks and remove your child’s coat once you are indoors to prevent overheating. If you expect to have to wait in line, bring a book or small toy to keep him or her occupied.

Remember That Children Are Curious
Children are naturally curious. Explain to your child before enter the store that they are only to touch items with your assistance. Engage your child in conversation and questions as you shop to make it more fun for both of you. You must also keep an eye on your child at all times and take care not to let him or her wander unsupervised. 

Avoid the Crowds
Avoid shopping just before dinner, when the stores are crowded, or the days right before Christmas. If possible, visit stores in the morning or early afternoons on weekdays, or later in the evening between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.
Bring Some Help
Shop with another adult to help share the child care load. You can take turns browsing and minding the children. You will also probably enjoy the experience with a friend or family member shopping with you.
Have an Escape Plan
If you’ve reached the limit of your patience, take a break. Plan on leaving the store if you or your child gets too impatient, cranky, hungry, or tired. Trying to complete your purchases with this stress is counterproductive and will probably result in your disappointment in the outcome. If your child begins have a meltdown, go outside for a few minutes, visit the food court, or just leave the store with a plan to return at another time. Remember that shopping can wait. An exhausted, hungry, or overexcited child cannot.

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