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How Should You Store Your Fruit at Home? Take a Look at These Tips

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Fresh fruits are nutritious and delicious, whether they’re home-grown or purchased. Unfortunately, they are also perishable. Knowing how to store fruits correctly, however, extends their life, makes the most out of your seasonal bounty, and reduces overall food waste. There’s a lot of variation, so it's very helpful to know what goes where – and more importantly, why. Here is how to store fresh fruit properly!

Fruits That Should Be Stored in the Refrigerator:

• Apples
• Blueberries
• Cherries
• Cranberries
• Currants
• Figs
• Grapes
• Lychees
• Mangosteens
• Pomegranates
• Strawberries
• Raspberries

Fruits That Should Not Be Stored In the Refrigerator:

• Apricots
• Avocados
• Bananas
• Kiwis
• Mangoes
• Melons
• Nectarines
• Papayas
• Peaches
• Pears
• Persimmons
• Pineapples
• Plantain
• Plums

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