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Check Out This Tidbit on Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a crime prevention program specifically designed to discourage theft and provide a means of easy identification of stolen or lost property by marking your valuables. Once property is recovered or seized by the police, it is often destroyed or auctioned because it cannot be traced to the proper owners. In order to make identification easier, many police departments participate in Operation Identification, making available at no charge electric engravers to citizens who request them. You are able to borrow the engraver and mark your valuables with a unique identifying number. It is recommended that you use your driver’s license number, as the police can run this number through their computer system to locate the owner of the item very quickly. 

When you participate in the program, you also receive an inventory form, allowing you to list the make, model, and serial number of all the items that you have engraved. Place this list in a safe place. You are also provided with Operation Identification decals to place on your windows and doors, alerting potential criminals that your valuables have been marked for identification.

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