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Put Your Free-Time to Good Use, and Check Out Any One of These 3 Language Learning Apps

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Learning a new language is never easy, especially as an adult – but, it doesn’t mean the skill isn’t worth the time, effort, or even money devoted towards it. Not to mention, learning a different language from your native tongue offers plenty of benefits. It can open up new job opportunities, make you a better multi-tasker, and even increase the size of your brain – no, really!

With all the extra time you have on your hands due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the perfect time to pick-up a new language – something we know that you’ve been wanting to do for years! Luckily enough for you, there are a number of language learning apps within the virtual marketplace that can help get you started.


Duolingo is probably the most successful and well-known language learning app with 300 million users. It offers an easy-to-user experience with courses created by native speakers. The lessons are fun, bite-sized, and game-based, which encourage practice in listening and speaking. Duolingo is free and offers 30+ languages to choose from! If you want more lessons, simply upgrade to Pro for $9.99 per month.


HelloTalk gives language learners everything they want and need: real-time conversation with native speakers. Users are able to connect in the app, which offers an interface similar to the popular chat app, WhatsApp. 150+ languages are supported on HelloTalk with more than 10 million members to chat with – amazing, we know! The app allows you to filter by language, location, age, nationality, and more. You can even take advantage of powerful, built-in tools that help with translation.


Remember how we said that Duolingo is game-based? Well, Mindsnacks takes that gamification to the next level. Designed by a team of Ivy League experts, games are comprised of lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and conjugation across a wide range of languages, including Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. You can even have your kiddos brush up on their vocabulary for the SAT or their overall math skills! Plus, you can track your progress directly in the app, based on your continued performance.

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