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Save Big Bucks Over Time, and Learn How to Change Your Oil Without a Pro

Any serious DIYer can easily change their car’s engine oil. Although the method to change your oil may seem obvious, however, there are still plenty of mistakes to be made along the way. So, even if you consider yourself savvy in the ways of the automobile, it’s important to nail down a step-by-step guide before beginning the process. The benefits of doing your next oil change from the comfort of your apartment home are seemingly endless, as it can help you save money, nix overpriced add-ons, and extend your car engine’s life. Check out the tools and method of this very useful trade below:

Tools Required:

• Rags
• Rubber mallet
• Safety glasses
• Wrench set

Materials Required:

• Container for used oil
• Engine oil
• Oil filter
• Oil filter gasket


1. Buy the Right Oil and Oil Filter. Before you head off to the auto parts store, consult your owner’s manual for the type and weight of oil specific to your vehicle. It’s especially important to follow the carmaker’s recommendations for oil viscosity. And, while it might seem like a money-saver, use better quality filters to extend oil life.

2. Set Yourself Up and Pull the Oil Plug. Start by spreading plastic sheeting on the ground. Then, drive your car on top of it. Jack up the car, set the jack stands in place, and then lower the car back down. Unscrew the plug and quickly pull it out and away from the oil stream. Clean the drain plug and install a new gasket, if required.

3. Remove the Oil Filter and Add Fresh Oil. Crank off the old oil filter and make sure the rubber gasket comes with it. If not, peel it from the engine carefully. Refill the engine using a funnel and recap the bottle, in order to prevent any spills. After you’re finished adding the fresh oil, clean out the oil canister and toss it into the recycling bin.

4. Recycle Old Oil. Pour the used oil into a large jug. Fill the engine and run it until the dashboard oil light goes out. Wait a few minutes, then check the dipstick and add oil, if needed. Finally, you’ll want to research where you can recycle the used oil within your area.

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