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Make Your Home Office a Place You Will Love to Be – All It Takes Is a Few Simple Ideas

Is your home office looking a little drab? If you work from home regularly – as many people are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic – you've likely carved out a simple space dedicated to fulfilling your work duties. Yet, though utilitarian, your workspace might be lacking the aesthetic appeal necessary to keep you inspired. Besides, who wouldn’t rather work in a beautiful room that motivates them? These fantastic tips and tricks will help you create a new workspace you’ll love to spend time in.

Pick up an accent lamp.

Spruce up your at-home workspace by adding accent lamps. Accent lamps are a fun, affordable way to add flair to an otherwise simple area. A bold pattern or bright color will keep the space looking fresh and fun, inspiring you every time you look up from the task-at-hand.

Incorporate pops of color.

Similar to accent lamps pop of color in a neutral-tone workspace works wonders when it comes to adding visual interest. See where your workspace will allow you to work in a bright color or two. You might consider purchasing colorful office supplies or investing in a more brightly colored desk.

Invest in storage.

Got a lot of stuff? When it comes to keeping an office space clean and tidy, storage solutions are key. Fortunately, simple, cube-like containers are easy to find at dollar stores and budget-friendly retailers like Walmart. They’ll hide office clutter while making the entire area easier on the eyes.

Don’t forget about your chair!

Add some style to your home office by upgrading your basic office chair to something more aesthetically appealing. Consider repurposing decorate chairs for this use or reupholstering a chair you already own. You can even take your hunt to a thrift store or secondhand shop for something funky and unique.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – just ask the team at The Heights at La Salle Apartments in Durham, North Carolina. By passing along this information, we hope to inspire you with new ideas, projects, and goals, too.

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