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Take Your Earbuds to West Africa During This International Concert on Friday

Transport your ears to West Africa this Friday night! On May 24th, Living Arts Collective welcomes Senegal’s premier griot rapper, Baay Bia, to the stage. Don’t miss an evening of eclectic world music rooted in African storytelling this Friday night!

Baay Bia brings ancient West African storytelling traditions to the global hip hop stage. His voice launched onto the world music scene, writing and arranging each song on his first album, Nation, winning the 2002 Senegalese Hip Hop awards. Tours of Senegal with renowned King of Yela singer Baaba Maal were followed by performances in the United States with Nomadic Wax from 2007 to 2011.

Collaborating with musicians from Rwanda, Baay Bia and renowned Rwandan singer Mani Martin released the single “Mama Africa” in December 2013. In addition to grass roots environmental projects in his hometown Thiaroye-sur-Mer, Senegal, Baay Bia serves as Phelps Stokes Global Ambassador where he coordinates cultural outreach on projects at Tuskegee University and within SEAL, a Phelps Stokes initiative to give opportunities to promising young artists in developing nations.

The UNFPA 10th Anniversary of the Campaign to End Fistula was celebrated with The Fistula Song, written and produced by Baay Bia and featuring renowned artists Queen Biz, Jimi Mbaye, Philma, Seyba and Abou Thioubalo. Most currently, Baay Bia is working on the new song Sagar, which is written in English, French, and Wolof. Sagar is made in zouk style and will be distributed digitally.

The Living Arts Collective (LAC) is designed to foster artistic expression while creating a hub for the exchanging of resources, practices and ideas to develop socially progressive strategies for conscious living and cultural preservation through creative movement. LAC hosts classes, workshops, socials and performances while providing a space for people to create, rehearse, teach and share ideas.

Join your friends at Living Arts Collective during this special performance! Admission to see Baay Bia live is $20. To learn more about the event and artist, visit www.livingartscollective.com.

The Heights at La Salle Apartment Homes, providing the perfect balance of comfortable and convenient apartments in Durham, North Carolina, is helping spread the word about this special event happening in our community! We believe it’s in your best interest to attend with family and friends!

Event Time/Date:
Friday, May 24, 2019—10:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Living Arts Collective
410 West Geer Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701

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